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      Patient Testimonials

      When we reach the age where hearing aids are required, the problem becomes, 'Where should I go for the testing and fitting of the hearing devices I need?' Having reached the point of the need, and after some trial and error in other areas, I was blessed with the best answer, that being Hanover Audiology (next to Lee-Davis High School). The Audiologist, Dr. Janet Brett, not only has the training and equipment, but more importantly, the 'Bedside Manner' that makes this process 'a pleasure, not a pain.' Yes, others have the required expertise in the fitting and adjusting of the units purchased, but the one thing we found to be "above and beyond" at Hanover Audiology was the personal care and concern for long-term satisfaction of each and every patient, children or adults. We, therefore, highly recommend them to you.

      - James L.

      Gee, what a gift it is to hear. I went to a hearing aid person in the 'Ville and the money I put out for an aid was uncalled for. It never was right from the first day. I kept going back and still no better. I saw the ad in the Local (community newspaper) of this other hearing place and I said, 'Why not call and see what she had to offer.' I went in and had a hearing test and what a difference that made! I ordered my hearing aids and I couldn't believe what I can hear today. I am so thankful for Dr. Janet Brett and for taking the time to make me a happy lady. I will definitely send others to her.

      - Shirley E.

      I have developed hearing loss that started to affect my ability to work. My current hearing aids that I had purchased elsewhere were not working and I could not afford to purchase a new set. I met Dr. Janet a couple of years ago and she recognized my challenges right away. She told me that she would not give up effort to help me find funding and she was true to her word. Because of her, I was able to get new hearing aids (which are the best I have ever had), secure a great job, buy a house and I owe it all to her. If it wasn't for her, I don't know what I would be doing now. She saved my life.

      - Thomas S.

      Dr. Janet was so caring and sympathetic to my needs and emotions. She actually understood what I was going through. She was patient and gentle as I worked through my own denial of my hearing loss. When I was ready, she sat with me and took the time to listen to me and help me figure out what would work best for me. Dr. Janet is so knowledgeable in her profession, that I trust her completely. She always takes the time to help me with whatever I need, no matter how little or big of a problem I might have. Even after I have been fit with hearing aids (wow, and am I glad I have them!), Dr. Janet is always here when I need her.

      - Laverne S.

      Dr. Janet Hiles-Brett, or Janet as she likes to be called, is very sensitive to her patients' hearing and is committed to helping them to be able to hear and understand speech in a variety of situations. Janet takes the time to analyze and assist with patients' hearing challenges using proven solutions in the most timely and cost effective ways. My experience with Janet over the past 10 years has shown me that she is very knowledgeable about hearing health care. She is capable of tackling any hearing situation and offers the expertise, compassion and understanding that patients want and deserve. She ensures that her patients' hearing needs are met in the best possible way. She is always there to promptly make adjustments to my hearing aids to ensure that they are functioning at the optimum level. If you are in need of an Audiologist, my choice is Dr. Janet Hiles-Brett. She is the VERY best!

      - David A.

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