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      Hearing Aids

      Hearing aids are a common non-invasive treatment option for hearing loss. A hearing aid is a small electronic device worn in or behind the ear to amplify sounds. While hearing aids are useful in improving listening and communication, they do not cure hearing impairment or make the ear function normally.

      A hearing aid is composed of three components: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. Sounds are received through the microphone, intensified by the amplifier, and transmitted to the ear through the speaker. The microphone, which picks up sounds from the air, and converts them into electrical signals. Once these sounds have been made more powerful by the amplifier, they are changed back into acoustic signals to be heard by the person wearing the hearing aid. In addition to these three components of hearing aids, digital hearing aids also make use of a small computer.

      Hearing Aid Clinic Mechanicsville VA

      Hearing Aid Repair, Reprogramming, and Service

      Hanover Audiology offers all-in-one services for all your hearing aid and bone-anchored hearing processor (Baha/Ponto) needs. We specialize in selecting the most appropriate hearing solution to improve your hearing based on the results of your hearing evaluations, personal lifestyle, and budget.

      You can also turn to us for hearing aid cleaning, repair, maintenance, and reprogramming services, even if the hearing instruments were purchased elsewhere! We offer the following services:

      • Hearing aids sales and service (all major brands)
      • Hearing aid service and programming/reprogramming, including instruments purchased elsewhere
      • Hearing instrument and bone-anchored hearing processor evaluations and programming
      • Hearing instrument maintenance supplies
      • Sales and service of Assistive Listening Devices, alarm clocks and telephones
      • Battery sales and service
      • Custom ear molds, headphones, and swim plugs
      • Hearing/Music/Noise Protection devices

      Types/Styles of Hearing Aids

      Looking for a hearing aid? Trying to decide which type of hearing aid is right for you? Here are the most common types of hearing aids.

      Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

      These hearing aids are worn behind the ear and connected to a plastic mold that is placed inside the outer ear. They are utilized by individuals with mild to profound hearing loss. New technology has introduced a smaller BTE aid consisting of only a small tube placed into the ear canal. This has the advantages of keeping the canal open and protecting the device from damage due to wax buildup. This smaller BTE also provides a clearer sound.

      In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

      These hearing aids are smaller devices that fit inside the outer ear. They can be used for mild to severe hearing loss but are not typically used for children since they will be quickly outgrown.

      Canal Aids

      Canal aids are the smallest type of aid and fit either in the canal, ITC, or completely in the canal, CIC. Because canal aids are so small, they may be hard to adjust and have very limited space for batteries and other devices. Canal aids, therefore, are most frequently recommended for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.

      How do Hearing Aids Work?

      Regardless of style, hearing aids work in two different ways depending on how they are electronically programmed.

      Analog Hearing Aids

      These aids convert sound waves into electrical signals which are then amplified and transmitted back to the ear. They can be custom-made to fit each patient's hearing needs. They can be altered by the patient and customized for different listening environments. Analog aids can be used in any style of hearing aid.

      Digital Hearing Aids

      Digital hearing aids convert sound waves into numerical codes and then amplify them. Some frequencies can be amplified more than others. Digital aids can also be programmed to focus on sounds coming from a certain direction. These aids tend to be more expensive than the analog variety.

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